Department of Commerce Hosts Ukraine Defense Industrial Base Conference

Dec 8, 2023

Department of Commerce Hosts Ukraine Defense Industrial Base Conference
Fri, 12/08/2023 – 12:07

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Friday, December 8, 2023

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See video of the speaker series during the event HERE

This week, the Department of Commerce hosted a series of speakers and meetings as part of the first day of the Defense Industrial Base Conference to convene more than 300 U.S. and Ukrainian industry and government representatives to explore opportunities for co-production and other industrial cooperation with Ukraine. The conference is part of the U.S. government’s efforts to significantly increase weapons production to support Ukraine’s fight for freedom and security.

During the speaker series, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine’s Economic Recovery Penny Pritzker, Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriyy Yermak, Speaker of the Parliament of Ukraine Ruslan Stephanchuk, Minister of Defense of Ukraine Rustem Umerov, and Minister for Strategic Industries of Ukraine Oleksandr Kamyshin each delivered remarks during a speaker series. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy also delivered remarks via video.

“We know the importance of a resilient Ukrainian defense industrial base, and that’s what today is all about. We are committed to helping Ukraine leverage and expand your own considerable defense in defense industrial base capabilities. You have a strong defense industrial base, but we need to lean in to work with you in partnership with the private sector, the public sector, to strengthen it, and to deepen it to make it more innovative,” said Secretary Raimondo. “We’re with you every step of the way, we stand with you today and tomorrow, until the end, until victory.”

The Commerce Department has taken a number of steps to aid in Ukraine’s effort to defend themselves. The Department’s Bureau of Industry Security (BIS) has imposed export controls and enforcement penalties to prevent Russia from accessing military equipment, drones, spare parts, and other supplies they need to continue to conduct their war. BIS has also helped prioritize export licenses for urgently needed items for the Ukrainian defense forces. The Department’s International Trade Administration continues connecting U.S. companies with Ukrainian companies that are in need of goods and services. And earlier this year, the Department extended temporary suspension of tariffs on Ukrainian steel imports. The Commerce Department has also worked with the U.S. business community to support Ukraine by providing emergency aid and services, such as lifesaving medicine, telecommunications equipment, satellite equipment, IT infrastructure, medical devices, and harnessing American industry expertise.

“The United States stands resolute in its support for Ukraine, and this event has only solidified and strengthened our commitment to ensuring Ukraine’s safety, security, and success,” Deputy Secretary Graves said. Together, he emphasized, the two countries can work to build a Ukraine that houses a world-class defense industry base for years to come.

Initial conference deliverables focused on first steps: institutionalizing relationships, processes, and dialogue between industry and government partners.

MSI Embedded Advisor: Working with Congress, the Department of State plans to send an advisor to the Ministry of Strategic Industries of Ukraine to support and accelerate Ukraine’s transition to an interoperable military force, combat corruption, and attract foreign investment in critical industries.
Interagency “Ukraine Deal Team”: The U.S. has established an interagency team, consisting of representatives from the Departments of State, Defense, and Commerce, that will support industry, Ukrainian, and other partners who seek guidance on potential deals, and export requirements for Ukraine’s defense industry. The interagency team will respond to case-specific questions via:UkraineDealTeam@state.go
Co-production and Technical Data Exchange: The Department of Defense, Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, and Ministry for Strategic Industries of Ukraine signed a Statement of Intent on Co-production and Technical Data Exchange, which will work to address the urgent operational needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including in the areas of air defense systems, repair and sustainment, and production of critical munitions. The Statement of Intent increases cooperation between the United States and Ukraine and will facilitate the quicker movement of investment deals more quickly through systems.
Technical Data Package: The Department of Defense and industry partners provided Ukraine with technical data to start local production of some of the FrankenSAM projects that seek to enable Ukraine’s legacy air defense systems by integrating certain Western munitions. Parallel production of these systems in Ukraine and the United States will allow for faster fielding and enable Ukraine to contribute significantly to the sustainment of its air defense systems.
This conference follows the International Defense Industries Forum hosted by Ukraine on September 29 and reinforces the United States’ long-term commitments to the U.S. defense industrial base, to Ukraine’s economic recovery, and the joint commitment to enhance industrial, armaments, and security cooperation between both nations.

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